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the advantage of Moving Bed Biofilm
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Moving bed biofilm  using biofilm method of the basic principles, combined with the advantages of traditional activated sludge method, but beyond the activated sludge and biofilm method of the shortcomings and limitations. PVDF... Read More

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The difference of MBBR and MBR is  only one letter, so someone will confuse the difference between the two. Here to tell us about these two processes now! Defined by definition – MBR:... Read More

cooling tower spray nozzle XF2
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Zaoqiang Longtime is a professional  cooling tower nozzle manufaturer many years. we have  5 work lines to products cooling tower fill,to supply products design and produce to every cooling tower manufactures. now we have... Read More

Vertical Flow cooling tower film fill media
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The Vertical flow cooling tower film fill media feature vertical flow channels with large openings that produce the higher water velocities necessary to create an anti-fouling environment in the fill.it is for use... Read More

Cooling Tower Fills Loading

LongTime has regular clients who purchase cooling tower fill by 20ft/40ft;main market: Mid East,Southeast Asia,America,and Eastern Europe,etc.

Cooling Tower Fills Packing

Cooling tower fill will be packed in wooden pallets or wooden case,with plastic film wrapped inside.

Cooling Tower Fills Application

Various types cooling tower fills and accessories, applicable to various models cooling towers.

Fills Prodcution Production

100% PVC raw material, strict sheet thickness and size control, guarantee high cooling efficiency.