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air intake louver
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Cellular RL Air intake Louvre also called air inlet louver improve air flow into the cooling tower, prevent debris from entering, eliminate water splash-out (which can cause icing, near-site water damage, and costly... Read More

why to clean cooling tower fill?
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Due to the cooling system itself is an open system, long-term weathered and dust cooling packing thus accumulates a lot of dirt, make the quality of cooling water to cool down, will seriously... Read More

what is plastic pp pall ring?
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PP pall ring is a new type of filler.It is for the Rasi ring some of the major shortcomings to be improved, is in the ordinary Laxi ring wall opened eight rectangular small... Read More

Development of inclined tube packing
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The basic principle of the sedimentation of inclined tube packing is “shallow precipitation”. This concept has long been proposed and early use of the oblique tube to accelerate the blood sedimentation is reported... Read More

Cooling Tower Fills Loading

LongTime has regular clients who purchase cooling tower fill by 20ft/40ft;main market: Mid East,Southeast Asia,America,and Eastern Europe,etc.

Cooling Tower Fills Packing

Cooling tower fill will be packed in wooden pallets or wooden case,with plastic film wrapped inside.

Cooling Tower Fills Application

Various types cooling tower fills and accessories, applicable to various models cooling towers.

Fills Prodcution Production

100% PVC raw material, strict sheet thickness and size control, guarantee high cooling efficiency.