"New Porducts"

MBBR Plastic Kaldnes filter K3
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This list is for the filter media used in Moving Bed Filter. The Moving Bed Filter is the most efficient one for aquarium and fish pond due to its fully aerobic process.  Also... Read More

Marley NS5 counterflow nozzle
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Zaoqiang Longtime  have two kinds of Marley nozzle , one is suiable for marley crossflow tower, The other is suitable for Marley counterflow cooling tower.(Marley NS5 nozzle)  The  orifice sizes (1″-3 1/2″) of... Read More

Brentwood cooling tower Dek Spray Nozzle
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The feature of brentwood Dek spray nozzle  Includes the nozzle body, silicone gasket, and your choice of four different turbulators and three different orifice inserts which can be combined in different ways as... Read More

Cooling Tower Fills Loading

LongTime has regular clients who purchase cooling tower fill by 20ft/40ft;main market: Mid East,Southeast Asia,America,and Eastern Europe,etc.

Cooling Tower Fills Packing

Cooling tower fill will be packed in wooden pallets or wooden case,with plastic film wrapped inside.

Cooling Tower Fills Application

Various types cooling tower fills and accessories, applicable to various models cooling towers.

Fills Prodcution Process

100% PVC raw material, strict sheet thickness and size control, guarantee high cooling efficiency.