"New Porducts"

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Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) is  can be used in any kind of pond, it’s no need special pond, and it can used the same pond as before if we change the system to... Read More

evaporative honeycomb cooling pad
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evaporative honeycomb cooling pad used for Poultry and livestock,Greenhouse and horticulture and Industrial cooling The feature of plastic cooling pad The cooling pad piece has the mesh hole, the bottom of the water tank has... Read More

Micro eddy flocculation tank packing
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Micro eddy  flocculation tank packing is a kind of hollow sphere which is used to flocculate the water in the process of flocculation reaction to form micro-vortex and enhance flocculation effect. It consists... Read More

Cooling Tower Fills Loading

LongTime has regular clients who purchase cooling tower fill by 20ft/40ft;main market: Mid East,Southeast Asia,America,and Eastern Europe,etc.

Cooling Tower Fills Packing

Cooling tower fill will be packed in wooden pallets or wooden case,with plastic film wrapped inside.

Cooling Tower Fills Application

Various types cooling tower fills and accessories, applicable to various models cooling towers.

Fills Prodcution Process

100% PVC raw material, strict sheet thickness and size control, guarantee high cooling efficiency.