lamella plate

tube settler modules

tube settler modules  can be custom fit for either rectangular or circular tanks Currently in the water treatment commonly used in the filter deposition, the cellular ramp tube plays a vital effect, and the description of the methods are very different. … Read More

cross flow cooling tower spare part fill media

cross flow cooling tower spare part fill media

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The  specification of  cross flow cooling tower spare part fill media  Item  cooling tower cross flow fill media Application  cooling tower Witdh 950mm, 800mm(895mm).905mm(1000mm),1200mm height 950mm Thickness 0.27mm-0.4mm MOQ 500pcs Packing pallet  cooling tower fill is suitable for  model NO.SDC-U300ASM ( … Read More

how to reduce noise of cooling tower

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Cooling tower of the four major noise sources: 1, windmill noise: the noise is mainly composed of mechanical noise and fluid noise; 2, motor noise: the main motor running electromagnetic noise; 3, the noise of water droplets: the cooling tower … Read More

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