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2017 AHR EXPO Show Report: Chiller & Cooling Tower Technology

The 2017 AHR EXPO was held January 30 to February 1 in Las Vegas. The 2017 AHR Expo set several records, together with attendance of more than sixty eight,000 registered guests and exhibitor personnel, in addition to 500,159 square feet offered. The Show was by far the largest and best attended Expo within the Western states, with some 1,968 exhibiting corporations.

Evapco offered their Eco-ATW line of 10-four hundred ton (single cell) closed circuit cooling methods that includes a broad array of water and energy-saving options. I spoke with Assistant Product Supervisor (for Closed Circuit Coolers) Matthew Shank who said, “The models feature spiral fin heat exchangers with enhanced floor areas both inside and on the exterior of the tube. This makes for a extra compact unit utilizing much less horsepower and in a position to run “dryextra hours of the day.Running dry supplies lowered power consumption because the spray pump is turned off. The models function Sage Control Methods which are Allen Bradley based PLC controls responding to a set of temperature sensors installed all through the unit. Shank continued, “Rather than operating off a pre-programmed algorithm, the Eco-ATW line runs based upon actual-time load and ambient conditions.Shank continued on to say the Eco-ATW Sequence was successfully introduced six years ago and continues to achieve momentum. As we speak it represents a significant portion of Evapco’s closed circuit cooling system gross sales.

Matthew Shank next to the EVAPCO Eco-line of ATW closed circuit coolers.

The SPX Cooling Systems booth introduced many improvements for the Marley brand of cooling towers. Gross sales Vice President Doug Bougher’s team walked us through the all-copper, direct-drive (diminished upkeep vs. belt drive) LW closed-circuit fluid cooler for HVAC systems, the Vector adiabatic cooling system, the NC Everest cooling towers, and the Marley AIO control system. The 5000 to forty,000 gallon per minute line of Marley NC Everest cooling towers get their title for being, technical term here-for being large. They have lowered the number of cells (a 6 cell area erected tower is only a three-four cell NC Everest) making them much taller and larger. This supplies vastly decreased set up costs-estimated to be thirty % (30%) lower than field erected items. The models function monumental 19 foot diameter followers and decreased package deal kilowatt consumption. The techniques require only a 10-day set up time providing lowered connection, piping, and installation costs.

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) has been manufacturing cooling towers for over seventy five years. Their closed circuit cooling towers are used in most industrial applications together with air compressors, water source heat pumps and cooling for weld machines, mold water, furnace, transformer and energy plant auxiliary cooling. As I be taught sufficient to “be dangerousI see BAC has closed circuit cooling towers focusing on the totally different priorities a manufacturing facility might have. The cooling tower catching my consideration was the HXV Hybrid Tower system designed to maximize water conservation through the use of evaporative adiabatic and dry operation modes to optimize water and power conservation. The hybrid design permits efficiency throughout peak heat-load seasons and efficiency during the bottom load periods.

Baltimore Air Coil’s Jim Fino reviewed the HXV HYBRID line of cooling towers targeted on maximizing vitality and water conservation.

Delta Cooling Towers Delta, which pioneered the HDPE (excessive-density polyethylene) plastic cooling tower in the 1970s, displayed their newly launched line of towers constructed of anti-microbial resin, which is totally compounded into the bottom cooling tower material. The anti-microbial resin comprises additives that operate on a cellular degree to constantly disrupt and prevent uncontrolled progress of microorganisms and biofilm within the cooling tower. Efficacy exams had been performed by Special Pathogens Laboratory, The Legionella Consultants®.

The new Delta Anti-Microbial All-Fiberglass Cooling Tower.

REYMSA manufactures a broad range of all-fiberglass cooling towers. Western Regional Sales Manager, Pete Waldmann, mentioned the agency continues to grow in North America and that they have lengthy provided shoppers many opportunities for important water-saving solutions.

REYMSA’s Pete Waldmann describing the advantages of all-fiberglass cooling towers.

Central Chiller Plants

Smardt CEO and Founder, Roger Richmond-Smith, next to the V-Class Modular Triple Sequence Chiller.

MTA continues to grow it’s free-cooling and commonplace chiller business in North America. I do know the free-cooling idea has caught the eye of a lot of our readers. At AHR, they displayed the TAEevoTECH air-cooled industrial chiller line using scroll refrigeration compressors and R410A refrigerant. This line features an progressive, high-effectivity finned-coil evaporator installed inside the water storage tank allowing for larger circulation charges, decrease pressure drops and lower susceptibility to fouling than brazed plate type evaporators.

Angelo Mastrangelo, Howard Kielar, Dan Rogowski, Tim West, Craig Thorensen, and Brian Corretore (left to right) at the MTA sales space.

Motivair displayed their MLC-SC-FC chillers with built-in “Free-Cooling The excessive-effectivity scroll compressor plant is designed to cool the designated heat load during summer season months. When ambient temperatures fall overnight or during cooler seasons, the “free-coolingsystem activates robotically as directed by the PLC control package deal. I was also impressed by the revolutionary spirit at Motivair when CEO Wealthy Whitmore confirmed me their ChilledDoor Rack Cooling System for mission important cooling methods. Because of their work supplying international tremendous computer leader Cray Inc., Motivair was the 2016 recipient of Cray Inc’s 2016 Outstanding Provider award!

Wealthy Whitmore and Pete Peresie (left to proper) subsequent to the Motivair ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System.

Dimplex Thermal Options displayed their P-Series modular pressurized chiller system and the “AHR New Productacknowledged SI 35TUR reversible high-effectivity brine-to-water heat pumps. The P-Seriesmanagement system permits a single module to function as a stand-alone chiller with the ability to add modules and a mater controller as cooling capacity wants grow. Capacities are from 60,000 btu/hr to 720,000 btu/hr per module.

cooling towers kcc closed circuit type cooling towers modular cell ...Tim True next to the brand new SI 35TUR reversible high-effectivity brine-to-water heat pumps at the Dimplex Thermal Solutions booth.

Trane’s booth was huge however it was nonetheless fairly a problem to find space inside! Parent Company Ingersoll Rand has made a dedication to sustainability together with investing $500 million in product-associated analysis into new power efficient product expertise, reducing the greenhouse fuel (GHG) footprint of their merchandise by 50% by 2020, and cut back company operations-associated GHG emissions by 35 %. I prefer it when companies “walk the talk An instance of this commitment is the EcoWiseportfolio of products to deal with the growing demand for local weather-pleasant products. Product Portfolio Supervisor Vijay Deshmukh confirmed me their new line of S Collection centrifugal chillers which may operate with both R-123 or low-world warming potential refrigerants R-514A or R-123zd each featuring an ultra-low GWP of less than 2.

The Trane EcoWise S Sequence Centrifugal Chiller.

Customized Conditioned Air Techniques and Piping for Secondary Cooling

Hydrothrift had a sales space the place Normal Supervisor Paul Heston and his team had been discussing, amongst different issues, their customized conditioned air methods for essentially the most demanding environments. Television production trailers, cellular medical items, telecommunication portable units, cell command and management centers are some application examples requiring vital HVAC solutions. Hydrothrift offered their custom-made solutions designed to operate in extreme ambient conditions from -20 F to 115 F.

Paul Heston, Bruce Williams and Ron Lair (left to right) at the Hydrothrift booth.

The Superior Signal Firm presented refrigerant leak detection devices and the AccuTrak ultrasonic leak detectors for compressed air techniques. Proprietor Jim Kovacs described the AccuTrak® Mannequin VPX-WR as an especially correct and durable product, offering high performance at a wonderful value.

After years of writing about optimizing compressed air piping programs, I used to be involved by what I saw at the GF (Georg Fischer) Piping Systems sales space. They introduced their pre-insulated piping known as the COOL-Fit® ABS Plus System designed for secondary cooling and refrigeration systems. The corrosion-resistant ABS plastic piping is pre-insulated with high-quality PUR foam along with a UV-resistant outer jacket. Rapidly replacing steel pipe, they said the COOL-Match® system is right to be used in cold storage and meals and beverage production.

Victaulic is an incredible Company experiencing a multi-yr run of amazing growth. The place don’t you see their products on cooling, compressed air, blower and vacuum system piping?! Visiting their booth I was impressed by their REVIT3D pipe routing modeling software program and software program coaching applications to show contractors and engineers best practices on designing piping techniques.

AHR EXPO is an incredible present for all concerned within the cooling system trade. I stay up for their subsequent installment, in Chicago, January 22-24, 2018.

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