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Adiabatic Cooling, Adiabatic Coolers, Adiabatic Cooling System Producer

The primary applied sciences, diffused in industrial application, that use the ambient air for the cooling of process water are: the cooling towers and the Free Cooling methods (known as additionally Fluid coolers or Dry coolers).

Pulsatrol MC9330XAXXXX Cooling Tower Controller - eBayThe cooling tower puts in direct contact the ambient air with the process water. The method water is straight nebulised in a forced air flow; the cooling power is obtained by the evaporation of a sure amount of the method water. The main advantages of the cooling tower answer are: decrease temperature of the process water (related to the ambient wet bulb temperature), decrease flooring house needed and lower funding. The primary disadvantages of the cooling tower are: excessive amount of impurities, excessive development of alga and micro organism, formation of rust alongside the circuit, high operating prices. The Fluid cooler “Free Coolerpermits the whole separation between the process water and the ambient. The heat trade happens by way of one finned coil battery fabricated from copper and aluminium, crossed by an sufficient air circulate. So the process water remains bounded into the circuit itself, with no contact with ambient: in this fashion it is possible to avoid all of the faults on account of this: high impurities content, high oxygenation of the water with consequent high formation of rust along the circuit, excessive proliferation of alga and bacteria, high evaporation or water loss with consequent improve of the hardness and necessity of steady water refill, and so on. Moreover the working costs of this kind of unit are surely lower. The principle disadvantages are: larger water temperature (associated to the ambient dry bulb temperature), increased flooring house needed and better investment. The higher cleanness, the lower maintenance requested and the decrease working costs make the Free Cooling system a winning solution for this type of software. The main obstacle for the Free Cooler to exchange completely the cooling towers concerns the upper temperature reachable for the method water. Let’s suppose a local weather during which, throughout the most well liked days of the 12 months, it is possible to achieve a dry bulb temperature of 35°C with a coincident wet bulb temperature of 24°C (ambient situations typical of the South of Europe and of the Mediterranean space). One evaporative cooling tower, with such sort of ambient conditions, is ready to produce water at 27-28°C. One Fluid Cooler “Free Cooler fitted with conventional mist spraying system, cannot produce water at temperature lower than 34-35°C. At present one Adiabatic Fluid-cooler “Free CoolerFC/ninety SSS by Green Box is ready, at the same working circumstances described above, to provide water at 29-30°C. The primary improvement that permits this result is a new high efficiency adiabatic spraying system (SSS Super Spray System). This adiabatic cooling system can, via one high pressure pump, increase constantly the amount of water sprayed actually adsorbed by the air: in this way it is feasible to have the air around the Adiabatic Fluid cooler “Free Coolerin situation of saturation by water. Over the eighty% of the water sprayed is adsorbed by the air, towards the 20-30% of 1 traditional spraying system, avoiding puddles below the Free Cooler and waste of water. Moreover this adiabatic cooling system is mechanically switched on only when the Fluid Cooler “Free Coolerwill not be able to take care of the set temperature. Ultimately, the particular disposition of the nozzles along with the polyurethane filters keep away from any direct wet of the finned coil battery, wiping out the problem of scaling.

Green Box srl, manufacturing plant in Italy, is the Adiabatic cooling system manufacturer and the Adiabatic Tremendous Spray System producer. We produce successfully Fluid Cooler with adiabatic programs since years and, only in the final 2 years we put in everywhere in the world extra that 100 Adiabatic cooling programs Fluid Coolers.

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