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Antenna Coaxial Cable Conduit Fill Considerations

File:Counterflow diagram.svg - Wikimedia CommonsConduit fill is the percent of the realm contained in the conduit taken up by cables. Conduit fill is a vital consideration when deciding on and planning your antenna tasks since it isn’t possible to make use of one hundred% of the conduit’s space. There is no such thing as a sense in going by the expense and effort of trenching, laying conduit, and pulling your antenna coaxial cable only to search out later that the conduit is too small to support the area consumed by the cables.

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We just lately ran throughout two handy Web resources related to conduit fill:Conduit Fill Chartand Conduit Fill Calculator.

Here is an example of the conduit fill calculators output:

The conduit fill is: 17.9%

Based On:
Conduit Sort: Inflexible PVC Conduit, Schedule forty
* Conduit Measurement: 2 inch(es)
Inside Diameter: 2.047 (in.)
Conductor #1: 3 conductors with an out of doors diameter of .5 inches.
Conductor #2: 0 conductors with an outside diameter of zero inches.

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