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BAC 360 degree Cooling Tower Nozzle with Grommet

Cooling tower spray nozzles with grommet  are designed for optimum coverage of either the fill or coil surface. Optimum coverage increases thermal efficiency while fully wetting the surface. This in turn prevents scale build-up that will lessen the unit capacity. There are several designs for pressurized and gravity-feed systems, each fully optimized for the application. Regardless of design, nozzles are easily removed, either to accommodate new flow rates or to replace broken nozzles. To facilitate cleaning or replacement; counterflow nozzles are installed using grommets which also allows the nozzles to be properly positioned. Kits are available, complete with insert grommets for pressurized systems or installation tools for gravity systems.

The feature of cooling tower nozzle

EAC 360â„¢ Spray Nozzle, A, AA are grommeted for easy inspection and removal

Large orifice means non-clogging performance for effective wetting of the heat-transfer surface

Kits are available to install 360â„¢ Spray Nozzles in other manufacturers coil products


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