kuken cooling tower fill

kuken cooling tower fill

kuken cooling tower fill, Kuken Square cooling tower pvc fill, Kuken PVC Film-fill media, Kuken filling pack Quick View: Material: Thermal Formed PVC Water temperature:-35℃~70℃ Application: square(cross flow) cooling tower Sheet thickness: 0.25-0.45mm Sheet gap: 19mm Sheet width: 730mm 750mm 950mm … Read More

Cheapest hot sell round cooling tower fills, cooling tower filling material, cooling tower film fill media

Round pvc cooling tower fill

PVC  Cooling Tower Fill(Round tower) , cooling tower roller Paremeter:  1.Adopted PVC material, pp material 2.Round Cooling Tower Application 3.Application Temperature:85C—35℃ 4.Size: 50*25*60 Angle, Width: 200mm,250mm,250mm,300mm,350mm;Length can be customized. Sheet thickness 0.35-0.6mm; Color: Black,green,blue,etc. round pvc cooling tower fill,  cooling tower … Read More

High quality water cooling tower fill  trickling filter for cooling tower, trickle cooling film

Cross-fluted king sun Counterflow Cross Corrugated Fill

the specification of  Counterflow Cross Corrugated Fill Material: PVC,pp Water temperature: -35~70℃ Application: counter-flow cooling tower Sheet Thickness: 0.25-0.45mm Sheet pitch:12/15/19mm Sheet width: 150/305/600mm Sheet length: customized Density: 1.39-1.45g/cm³ Appliaction  : many brand cooling tiower. such as king sun, Marley,Liang chi … Read More

Marley cooling tower fill

610mm,813mm,915mm, 1220mm, 1520mm Marley cooling tower MX75 film fill

Marley cooling tower fill/ Cooling tower Accessory Quick View: Material: Thermal Formed PVC,pp Water temperature: -35~70℃ Tensile Strength-6,300 psi(at room temperature) Tensile Modulus-325,000 psi Specific Gravity-1.50 Maximum Continuous Hot Water Temperature-52℃ PVC Sheet Thickness-0.25mm,0.35mm Sheet Spacing-19mm Width 915mm  Marley cooling … Read More

grey cooling tower fill, pvc fill for cooling tower, cooling tower fill

PVC fill for Cooling tower

PVC fill for  Cooling tower Quick view: Material: PVC Water temperature: -35~70℃ Application: cross-flow cooling tower Sheet thickness: 0.25-0.45mm Sheet size: 950*950,1000*1000mm Sheet length: customized Color: black and gray Cooling tower fill is one of the most important components for … Read More

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