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CFD Two-Scale Mannequin Of A Wet Natural Draft Cooling Tower

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Looking up an Abandoned Cooling tower in BelgiumA 2-D axisymmetric mannequin of multiphase heat, mass, and momentum switch phenomena in natural draft cooling tower is developed utilizing a CFD code Fluent. The fill of the tower is modeled as a porous medium. The power and mass sources on this zone are evaluated solving a separate 1-D mannequin of mass and heat change. The spatial dependence of the sources is accounted for by dividing the fill into a set of vertical channels. The CFD solver produces boundary conditions for every channel, whereas the model of the channel exports the heat and mass sources to the CFD solver. To speed up the calculations, an original technique referred to as the correct orthogonal decomposition (POD) is applied. This strategy produces a diminished dimensionality model resulting in important time financial system and accuracy loss lower than 2%. The Euler-Euler multiphase model is used within the rain zone. The simulation results have been validated towards experimental information coming from field measurements of a large industrial installation.

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