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Chillers, Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Water Treatment - Sewage Treatment Plant - Ahmedabad ...Cooling towers discharge heat from air conditioning techniques and are available in a number of sizes varying from small roof-prime models to monumental towers as much as 660tall. These towers are used for a variety of purposes together with oil refineries, petrochemical plants, thermal energy stations and HVAC techniques. We most commonly see HVAC cooling towers that are essential for maintaining heat-producing data center gear practical. Water-cooled chillers are typically more vitality environment friendly than air-cooled chillers which reject heat at a better temperature. Chillers, CRAC items and cooling tower sizes are measured in tonnage. A ton of air-conditioning is the removal of 12,000BTU/hour. An equivalent ton on the cooling tower facet rejects 15,000BTU/hour.

Heat Transfer Systems is an authorized Mr. GoodTower Service Center ...We carry quite a few manufacturers of cooling towers and chillers together with Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay, Aaon, BOC, FES, Mydax and others. Some kinds of chillers embody centrifugal chillers, rotary chillers, scroll compressor chillers and absorption chillers. Centrifugal chillers are usually used for giant processes and multi-story buildings they vary from a hundred tons to over one thousand tons of cooling. Absorption chillers, similar to centrifugal chillers, are used for bigger applications and vary from 200 tons to over a thousand tons. They don’t use typical refrigerant-based mostly cooling cycles. Scroll-airtight refers to the type of refrigeration compressor used, and are distinguished from semi-hermetic units, which use a distinct kind of compressor.

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