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Clear & Disinfection Chemical Bundle For Cooling Towers

This bundle consists of every thing needed to carry out a radical disinfection of your cooling tower.

Initial Disinfection

cooling tower fill - Alpha could supply a variety of cooling tower ...The chlorine levels consult with the minimal steady reserve that needs to be maintained throughout the disinfection time (i.e. after the fans have been switched back on). Chlorine can be lost frequently during this time period, so the initial chlorine degree should exceed the specified continuous chlorine stage, as reflected in the recommended initial dosage rates.

Once the circulation interval is complete the chlorine residual ought to be neutralised by including 11ml ofDECHLORper ppm (mg/l) of chlorine per m3 of system content material and circulated until the chlorine has been neutralised. The system should be then drained to sewer.

The system can now be bodily cleaned to remove all sludge and deposits.


After the bodily cleaning course of, the system needs to be disinfected once more as instructed above. Again, the chlorine stage ought to be examined each quarter-hour and boosted as required to forestall it dropping below the minimal ranges again for the suitable contact time.

Date: 2016 Description: Counter-ISIL Finance Group Equipment List: Accumulator. -If at the top of the ultimate disinfection period the system goes straight back on line and it has a high water flip over the chlorine level may be allowed to decay naturally nevertheless, if the system will not be going back onto line right away or the chlorine level is excessive and / or the system is fitted with a redox probe it needs to be reduced by the addition of DECHLOR.

After this process metal surfaces ought to be re-passivated with the appropriate inhibitor by sustaining double the conventional dosage for the primary two weeks. You must also reinstate your dosing gear.

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