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Cooling Tower And Condenser Water Design Part 8

These systems have these important elements:

Correctly piping the suction and discharge of your cooling tower/condenser water pump is important. Some pretty catastrophic occasions can happen if both is improperly put in.

Beginning with the suction piping, it is very important take precaution to keep away from air pockets which can destroy a pump in fairly quick order. Remember, cooling tower water is stuffed with air, so air within the piping is a given. You just have to make sure to avoid any sudden stress drops between the tower and the pump suction, in any other case the air could “pop outof the water, enter the pump, and destroy a pump shaft. Another potential drawback, depending on the temperature of the water, is the potential of cavitation, should the pressure drop be so great that some amount of water flashes to steam upon coming into the pump.

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