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Cooling Tower Cleaner: Goodway Applied sciences

Cooling Tower Chemicals - Manufacturers, SuppliersGoodway Technologies has launched its TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaner, which offers an entire all-in-one system for cleaning lime scale, debris, and biological matter from cooling tower fill. The TFC-200 combines Goodway’s chemical solutions and pump technology to dissolve scale deposits, improve water circulation, and slow dangerous biological build up.

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In keeping with the company, eradicating scale is a three step process that’s as straightforward as performing an initial rinse, making use of Goodway’s ScaleBreak Gel cleaner which will penetrate the fill after which switching to the turbo nozzle excessive volume mode to rinse away the foam and debris. The company additionally claims the TFC-200 will help reduce health dangers and achieve maximum cooling tower performance.
TheTFC-200 contains an all-in-one system, compact and portable, which can be utilized nearly wherever. The product can be designed to make use of TowerShine® or ScaleBreak-Gel, the unique scale cleaner that clings to all surfaces for maximum scale busting efficiency.

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