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Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

Nestle, Blayney, NSW. Stainless Steel SPX NC Tower installation

Nalco’s Cleaning and Disinfection Applications contribute directly to key intangible value drivers that don’t appear on monetary statements, by enhancing the client experience, increasing worker productivity and enhancing model fairness. The Cleansing and Disinfection Applications additionally contribute not directly by creating worth for exterior stakeholders together with communities, public interest groups and regulatory companies. Maintaining optimistic stakeholder perception influences intangibles such as firm popularity, relationships and license to operate.

Square Cooling Tower Manufacturers - FRP Cooling Towers IndiaNalco’s Cleaning and Disinfection Packages help services dramatically scale back carbon footprints by taking small steps that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels and produce vital power savings.

Listed below are more reasons why Nalco Environmental Hygiene Services (EHS) is unmatched in the area of disinfecting and cleaning of cooling towers:

Your staff are not uncovered to harmful, aerosolized bacteria during or after the cleaning this results in fewer employee sick days that in any other case might comply with cooling tower cleanings.

OSHA recommends this as one way to scale back the health-related dangers from micro organism (like Legionella) in cooling towers. We offer documentation and certification to your Danger Administration Plan data. This service is just one part of a total portfolio of Legionella Threat Management instruments.

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