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CF1900MA Cross-Fluted Film Fill Media

The CF1900MA is the favored selection for subject-erected or package counterflow cooling towers. Will also be used in crossflow towers. To be used in Energy, Refining, Chemical, Steel, and Meals Processing purposes the place water high quality is “average-to-good

CF1900MA Cross-Fluted Film Fill Media

AccuPac® Cross Fluted Fills enhance water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends by means of the fill pack. The CF1200 MA splits the water stream 10 instances in a 11.8(300 mm) vertical path. Excessive thermal performance (high KaV/L) and low strain drop are simultaneously achieved by means of engineered flute/microstructure design and the best manufacturing requirements.

Features and Advantages

Bevel Ideas(see proper) promotes drainage at fill pack interfaces. Be aware: Packs are always put in with Bevel Tips at bottom of pack.
•Patented “MA”(Mechanical Assembly) Know-how for glue-free packs.
Engineered microstructure for improved water distribution and thermal mixing
Excessive thermal performance
Improved water distribution
Proprietary edge trim that directs water to both sides of sheet
Materials meets Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Customary 136
Out there in PVC and HPVC


The CF1200MA is to be used in package counterflow towers (HVAC and light industrial purposes) and as a distribution pad in 3.9 ” and 5.9 ” depths. Water high quality have to be “good to very good”. Distribution pads might be provided as a Solvent Bonded

Product Dimensions

Product Weights

Brentwood sheet thicknesses are quoted in closing gauge (as measured in subject) of .008(.203 mm), .010(.254 mm), .015 (.381 mm), or your particular requirement. All Brentwood fill products can be found in PVC and are UV stabilized. The PVC compounds utilized in Brentwood fills have outstanding resistance to weather exposure and are almost impervious to chemical degradation by alkali, acids, greases, fats, oils, and biological attack. Brentwood PVC has glorious hearth rating due to its self-extinguishing traits, and meets or exceeds Cooling Tower Institute Commonplace 136. HPVC (excessive temperatures), PP (polypropylene), and ABS plastics are also obtainable for particular purposes.

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