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cooling tower fill media

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Cooling tower fill media  in water by filling the filler in the form of cooling surface, usually can be divided into drop, film, drip film type three types, regardless of the type of filler. you want to improve the cooling efficiency should have The following basic conditions, water and air contact area, to promote the formation of uniform film surface of the water film, heat and mass exchange time is long, with good cooling capacity, between the pieces to the protruding cone bonding fixed, with more Good rigidity and thermal resistance, step-shaped trapezoidal ramp packing by the Institute of Water Conservancy and Electric Power Research Institute of Cooling Water Design, the filler-type cross-section was trapezoidal ramp to improve the filling of the soft water and slow down the water film Under the splashing speed, in the filler to extend the heat exchange time, improve the thermal performance.

Trapezoidal  pvc fill for  cooling tower. this type can have two type ( upper fill and lower fill). the two type fill have different size. the lower fill is 950m*905(1000mm). the upperfill is 950*800(900mm)

pvc fill for shinawa cooling tower 

pvc fill for  cooling tower

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