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cooling tower fills supplier

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We are the cooling tower tower fills suppler many years. such as  Marley cooling tower film fill, pvc fill for bac cooling tower fill, shinwa cooling tower fill, kingsun cooling tower fill, Liang chi cooling tower fill……


Longtime established in 2002,is a manufacture of FRP manually paste products during the initial stages. With the continuous development of company,in 2004 we began expanding our production to cooling tower fill,the products are very quickly lead the Chinese market,at the same time,we also supply high quality products to trader company at home and abroad. 
In the 2006,we have amassed a powerful experience with technology,we built a new 3,000 square meters workshop for cooling tower accessories products,with 30 molding machines.
In 2008,we set up foreign trade departments and reinforce emphasis on exports of the basic products.Our goal is to produce and research & development the medium and high quality products.At the end of 2008,our gross sales have been reached ten million. 
To attract talent,our company established a new products development department in Shijiazhuang,Hebei and successfully developed the Cooling tower fill.The company built 3 work lines to products cooling tower fill,to supply products design and produce to every cooling tower manufactures and  foreign customers. 
Our company culture is strictly control product quality,rapidly develop and produce products,first-class service to the foreign customers,do Longtime’s culture.

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