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Cooling Tower Filtration

Nearly every industrial or commercial facility has a cooling tower. Furthermore, statistics point to as a lot as 5% of municipal water is used annually in cooling tower makeup.

Cooling Tower Filtration Benefits:

Ashutosh Water Tanks Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad - Manufacturer of KAKA Water ...VAF Filters Supply State-of-the-Artwork Computerized Self-Cleaning Filtration
The patented BHD (Bi-directional Hydrodynamic Drive) improves screen cleaning efficiencies leading to:

Remove Inorganic and Natural Particulates Together with:

System Cleaning Features:

PVC Edge Fillet 20mm White 5M - White Window Trims - Window TrimsVAF Cooling Tower Basin Agitation System
Keeping the cooling tower basin clean is one other necessary aspect of cooling tower filtration. VAF offers a Cooling Tower Basin Agitation System composed of TurbulatorTM Eductor nozzles that agitate the basin water and keep solids in suspension to be eliminated by filtration.

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