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Cooling Tower Mechanism And Its Use Within the Industry

Water Distribution

Training Material Define :
1. Chiller System and Basics
a. Work Principle of Chiller
b. Piping Fundamentals
c. Pumping Basics
d. Management Valve Basics
e. Loop Control Basics
f. Air-Cooled Chillers
g. Water-Cooled Chillers
h. Piping and Diversity

2. Chiller Building and Safety
a. Twin Compressor Chillers
b. VFD Chillers
c. System Design Adjustments
d. Mechanical Room Security Commonplace
e. Single Chiller System

three. Primary Operation and Arrangement of Chiller
a. Fundamental Components
b. Series Chillers System
c. Single Chiller Sequence of Operation
d. Parallel Chiller System
e. Parallel Chiller Sequence of Operation
f. Series Counterflow Chillers
g. Utilizing VFD Chillers in Series Arrangements
h. System Comparison
i. Very Large Chiller Plants
j. Major/Secondary Sequence of Operation

four. Chiller Cooling System
a. Water-Aspect Free Cooling
b. Direct Waterside Free Cooling
c. Parallel Waterside Free Cooling
d. Collection Waterside Free Cooling
e. Waterside Free Cooling Design Method
f. Waterside Free Cooling Sequence of Operation
g. Chilled Water Volume
h. Chilled Water Temperatures and Ranges
i. Minimal Chilled Water Quantity
j. Estimating System Volume
okay. Evaluating System Quantity

5. Cooling Tower
a. Cooling Tower Types and Cooling Tower Systems
b. Basic Design Consideration
c. Cooling Tower Construction and Set up Necessities
d. Tower materials
e. Cooling Tower Design and Operation Consideration
f. Cooling Tower Water and Bleed-off Water Management
g. Improving Vitality Efficiency of Cooling Towers

6. Hybrid Plants and Energy Saving
a. Heat Recovery and Templifiers
b. Load Profiles
c. Heat Restoration Chillers
d. Variable Main Movement Design
e. Variable Major Stream Sequence of Operation
f. Low Delta T Syndrome
g. Low Delta T Instance
h. Low Delta T Syndrome Causes and Options

WHO Should ATTEND THIS Training?:
a. Technicians
b. ME engineers

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