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Cooling Tower Mini Cooling Tower

Optimized the design in order that GBL3 cooling tower with water and air circulate may be very uniform,and with best general efficiency,Cooling giant margin,Comprehensive industrial users to meet the necessities of excessive-temperature drop.

High quality Excellence

TTXL Series Factory Assembled Modular Cooling Tower

Selects the top quality thermostable padding, the high temperature cooling tower particular-function electrical machinery, three splash the kind to spurt the headwrap water, nice chord length wing shape cooling tower particular-purpose air blower. The shell uses the FRP compound supplies, the color is brilliant, surface vibrant and clean, anti-aging, causes the cooling tower calendar long extra new.

Environmental protection and vitality conservation

Use of water will float to the water loss control in the next one in to stop the drift of water pollution; leaves a large, low-speed fan, to effectively scale back the loss of dynamic pressure outlet, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Small dimension, mild weight

The cooling tower after the specialised optimization design, most limit reduces the world. The tower physique construction uses the pot galvanize steel frame and the FRP compound supplies, huge lowered the tower body weight amount.

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