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Cooling Tower Pack Cleaning Chemicals

Accepta’s progressive cooling tower pack cleansing chemical system has been specifically developed to allow the in-situ cleaning of cooling tower pack components. This excessive performance cleansing-in-place (CIP) chemical cleaning system is very useful the place it’s not practical to take away the tower packing.

Masjid kota.Accepta’s cooling tower pack cleaning chemical techniques works to create a extremely efficient, stabilised wet foam that penetrates deep into the tower packing cleansing, descaling and disinfecting because it progresses through the tower. The foam is mildly acidic so as to remove inorganic scales.

Accepta’s cooling tower CIP cleansing system also incorporates a novel stabilised chlorine dioxide (ClO2) component that’s added to the foam concentrate, causing chlorine dioxide to be launched into the foam. The discharge of the chlorine dioxide, a highly efficient oxidising biocide, significantly aids cleaning and disinfection of the cooling tower packing…

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