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Cooling Tower Packing Grids

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Lin, Feng; Li, Yi [Division of Constructing Engineering, Tongji University, No. 1239 Siping Street, Shanghai 200092 (China); Gu, Xianglin, E-mail: gxl@tongji.edu.cn [Division of Building Engineering, Tongji University, No. 1239 Siping Street, Shanghai 200092 (China); Zhao, Xinyuan [Department of Building Engineering, Tongji College, No. 1239 Siping Highway, Shanghai 200092 (China); Tang, Dongsheng [Guangdong Electric Energy Design Institute, No. 1 Tianfeng Street, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510663 (China)


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Highlights: Floor vibration due to the collapse of an enormous cooling tower was predicted. Unintended masses with different characteristics brought about different collapse modes. Impact of floor vibration on the nuclear-related facilities cannot be ignored. — Abstract: A complete method is offered on this examine for the prediction of the bottom vibration because of the collapse of a 235 m high cooling tower, which can be brought on by varied unintended masses, e.g., explosion or strong wind. The predicted ground motion is to be used in the security evaluation of nuclear-related services adjacent to the cooling tower, as nicely because the plant planning of a nuclear energy station to be constructed in China. Firstly, falling weight exams had been performed at a building site utilizing the dynamic compaction technique. The ground vibrations had been measured within the form of acceleration time historical past. A finite element method based mostly “falling weight-soilmodel was then developed and verified by subject check results. In the meantime, the simulated collapse processes of the cooling tower underneath two unintentional hundreds had been completed in a parallel research, the results of which are briefly introduced in this paper. Moreover, based mostly on the “falling weight-soilmannequin, “cooling tower-soilfashions were developed for the prediction of the ground vibrations induced by two collapse modes of the cooling tower. Finally, for a deep understanding of the vibration traits, a parametric research was also performed with consideration of various collapse profiles, soil geologies as well because the arrangements of an isolation trench. It was found that extreme floor vibration occurred within the vicinity of the cooling tower when the collapse occurred. However, the vibration attenuated rapidly with the increase in distance from the cooling tower. Furthermore, the “collapse in integritymode and the rock foundation contributed to exciting intense ground vibration.

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