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Cooling Tower Pretreatment Services

Condensers - SWEPFollowing is a summary of the Pre-cleansing and Passivation (Pre-filming) processes and why they’re essential.

Prior to start-up of a brand new Cooling Tower pretreatment service, it is strongly really helpful that the tools be pre-treated so as to maximize the helpful life of the system. Pre-therapy ought to embody the next two parts:


Pre-cleaning is necessary to ensure that the Pre-movie and/or corrosion inhibitors will adhere sufficiently to the equipment. If the system just isn’t precleaned, there’ll possible be an increase in the amount of corrosion during initial start-up. This will in-turn result in increased power prices as a result of lowered heat transfer. Over time there will probably be greater upkeep prices and ulimately tools failure.

The most effective time to do pre-cleansing is simply before the scheduled start-up. pre-cleansing ought to then be adopted immediately by Pre-filming, in the form of passivation. The pre-cleansing section will sometimes require 10 to 24 hours. Pre-cleansing is complete after a heavy blow-down of the system to take away the entire cleaning chemicals and foreign materials.

Pre-cleaning for most Cooling Towers will consist of a re-circulating stream of detergent, surfactant, and anti-foam by means of the heat exchange elements. An efficient pre-cleaning ought to take away any hydrophobic materials which are left behind from manufacturing, as well as light amounts of rust. Throughout pre-cleaning it is necessary to make sure that the pH is stored between 5.5-7.Zero. For faster results, elevated water temperatures (> a hundred and fifty F) will seemingly produce faster and simpler elimination of contaminates.


Instantly following pre-cleaning, the Passivation (aka pre-filming) ought to start. Passivation is a typical form of Pre-filming that provides a barrier to corrosion. The key to profitable and enduring Pre-movie is making certain the the “filmcreated evenly and at the suitable charge. Too slow and corrosion may start earlier than the layer is complete; Too quick and the film may have weak spots.

Pre-filming does not eliminate the necessity for ongoing water therapy, but it does provide a strong foundation from which to construct an everyday water therapy program. With ongoing remedy, on top of a effectively applied pre-movie, the Cooling Tower will require much less power to operate and far less maintenance to maintain it running. The system will even provide for more years of helpful service.

Things to remember:

Significant adjustments in environment (e.g., extreme pH depression) can destroy the prefilm, and corrosion merchandise can accumulate earlier than the film is reestablished through regular remedy. When this happens, a prefilming program may be needed for rapid repassivation of the system. Pre-filming for Cooling Towers is also beneficial following any deep chemical cleaning, or after important changes within the setting, akin to a pointy drop in pH.

One other technique of prefilming is a rise in inhibitor levels for six-24 hr. Though that is somewhat easier, it is less environment friendly and is usually used solely when the steady inhibitor program is phosphate-based mostly.

Typically, Pre-remedy and Passivation, adopted by ongoing therapy packages, minimizes corrosion over the life of any heat transfer system. Much less corrosion interprets to lower operating costs as a result of improved heat switch, longer service life, and diminished maintenance requirements.

Aqua Clear presents pre-cleansing and passivation/pre-filming chemicals and services for new and existing Cooling Towers. We now have been performing this service for over 10 years and we have now the expertise to ensure that the job is completed proper the first time.

In case you are involved in studying more, or in the event you want to schedule a site survey (no cost or obligation), please give us a name or send an e-mail. We stay up for listening to from you.

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