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Cooling Tower Product Producer Provider

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A, The tower body is made of fantastic FRP, and its surface is adhered by gel coat resin, which is aging resistant, and corrosion resistant. The color of floor is good, and won’t fade. The usual color is creamy yellow, however we are able to fabricate cooling tower with the special color ordered by customer.
B, There are two sorts of fans fitted with cooling tower, that are aluminum alloy and FRP followers, that are fairly matched with cooling tower. It is of heavy wind quantity, low noise, high efficiency, stable operating, uniform wind pace, and lengthy service life and so on. The motor tailored is particularly for outside vertical cooling towers, which is energy saving, high efficient and so on; the reducer tailored is newly designed particularly for cooling towers, which is of stable working, high efficiency, low noise, long service life and so on.; the tower body is fitted with several fans and dependent chambers, and we will save the facility consumption by turn on or off the fan according to the specific weather condition.
C, the packing has been inspected by our inspection center, newly and efficient packing is adapted, which has the characteristic that uniformed water re-distribution, good hydrophilic, small wind resistance, excessive temperature and so forth.

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