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Cooling Tower Safety Program

Star Cooling Towers has developed exceptional protected work practices, safe job procedures and safety insurance policies.

Secure Work Practices

Star’s secure work practices are written strategies outlining how you can carry out a activity with minimum danger to folks, equipment, surroundings and processes. Our protected work practices have been developed because of completing a Hazard Evaluation and sound building strategies.

Secure Job Procedures

CARLON Liquidtight Strait ConnectorStar’s protected job procedures are a written collection of specific steps that information employees by a process from start to complete in a chronological order. Protected job procedures are designed to reduce the chance by minimizing potential exposure. Secure job procedures are established by management and workers because of a Hazard Assessment, accident investigation, and/or as a supplement to a protected work apply. All workers are made conscious of the fact that secure job procedures have been established, are in effect, are written down and Should be followed.

Star Cooling Towers has incrementally built a set of protected practice / procedures for our building actions. We proceed to build new safe practices / procedures and refine current protected observe / procedures.

Job Security Evaluation

Every day previous to beginning work a Star Cooling Towers Job Security Evaluation, “JSAguidelines is accomplished by the work group. This JSA checklist is a safety administration device that’s used to establish, remove or control hazards associated with a sure job or procedure.

Engineered Fall Safety Plan

Star’s Fall Protection Plan meeting OSHA rules developed by a qualified individual (skilled engineer). Overhead anchorage areas are analyzed and established as part of an total fall arrest system. Temporary male/female fiberglass plenum ladder sections are secured to the inner cooling tower framework. A retractable lifeline is put in above the short-term ladder offering a fall arrest for employees traveling up or down the ladder. The fall Safety Plan is maintained on the work site and implemented by a reliable individual, and altered only by a qualified particular person.

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