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Cooling Tower Safety

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower - Closed Circuit Cooling TowerCooling Tower Safety: Be Micro organism Aware!

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Many individuals could also be unaware of the health hazards related to cooling towers. However, these methods can pose a major menace to well being, both for employees and the general public, notably from Legionella bacteria. Wherever they are put in, employers have a responsibility to make sure a danger management plan is in place always that the system is in operation. It is necessary that maintenance is carried out correctly and often, including being audited yearly by a certified and accredited agent. Any adjustments, together with relocation, additions or elimination, must be notified to the authorities as quickly as doable.

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What Are The Dangers From Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers can harbour harmful bacteria, such as Legionella, and, when not maintained properly, the possibility of inhalation and development of disease increases. Individuals answerable for premises the place cooling towers are in operation are legally obliged to register the methods and conform to authorities legislation. Failure to take action is more likely to lead to prosecution.

Legionnaire’s disease is a critical sickness that can arise from exposure to the airborne Legionella bacteria. Although it is possible for anyone to be affected, these thought-about to be at higher danger may be:-

· over fifty years previous

· a smoker

· male

· a heavy consumer of alcohol

· a sufferer of existing chronic medical circumstances

· be immunocompromised

Symptoms of this serious situation are normally just like influenza and embody fever, headache, shortness of breath, muscle ache and maybe a dry cough. There is often a two to ten day incubation interval from the time of infection to the appearance of symptoms. Any particular person who’s suffering from the signs described above and who could have been uncovered to Legionella ought to seek medical recommendation.

Who is Responsible? What Must be Finished?

People who are accountable for cooling towers ought to keep up to date with authorities tips associated to cooling tower systems and related threat assessment. Useful recommendation on Legionella Risk Administration may also be discovered on www.well being.vic.gov.au/legionella.

It is crucial that focus is given to the effective upkeep of cooling towers in a number of different areas, as laid down in the audit documentation. These are:-

a) Stagnant water

b) Nutrient progress

c) Poor water high quality

d) deficiencies in cooling tower system

e) Location and access

f) Any issues identified

Each of those specified areas might be totally checked as part of the authorised audit to ensure that dangers to health are minimised.

Maintenance of Cooling Towers

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It’s a authorized requirement that the proprietor of land on which there’s a cooling tower system ought to be sure that registration is made and a threat management plan is put in place, which is reviewed, and up to date if needed, no less than once a 12 months.

Cooling Tower Water Quality and Therapy

Water of cooling towers should be constantly treated with a number of biocides know to be efficient in controlling growth of micro-organisms, including Legionella. Chemicals or agents which minimise scale formation, corrosion and fouling should be used in addition to a bio-dispersant.

Disinfection, Cleansing and Re-Disinfection of Cooling Tower Water

The accountable person should be sure that chlorine-suitable bio-dispersant is added to the recirculating water of the cooling tower system and that the system is then disinfected, cleaned and re-disinfected instantly previous to initial start-up following commissioning or after any shutdown exceeding one month and at intervals not exceeding six months.

Routine Service and Testing Of Cooling Towers

The accountable person should make sure that the cooling tower system is serviced at the least as soon as a month to check for defects, that a sample of recirculating water is taken and sent to a laboratory for testing and reporting for heterotrophic colony count.

No less than once each three months a sample of recirculating water is taken and despatched to a laboratory for testing and reporting for Legionella.

The accountable person must keep data for each cooling tower system owned, managed or managed by them detailing all upkeep and corrective actions undertaken and all microbiological check outcomes of samples taken for the preceding yr.

Further Points for Consideration

Outbreaks of Legionnaire’s illness can be very severe, leading to much distress, suffering and even fatalities. Many people could also be affected. It’s a legal requirement that these who’re chargeable for overseeing the working of cooling towers observe procedures properly to maintain dangers to their workers and most people to a minimum. Failure to do so may be very likely to lead to prosecution.

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