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Cooling Tower System Design

Belgium, Charlerois, Cooling, TowerCrossflow is acooling tower system design wherein the air stream is directed perpendicular to the water stream. Air movement enters a number of vertical faces of the cooling tower to meet the fill materials.

Water flows (perpendicular to the air) via the fill by gravity.

The air continues by the fill and thus past the water circulation into an open plenum space. A distribution or scorching water basin consisting of a deep pan with holes or nozzles in the bottom is utilized in a crossflow tower. Gravity distributes the water via the nozzles uniformly throughout the fill materials.

A – Mechanical Tools
B – Water Distribution
C – Fill Packing
D – Drift Eliminators
E – Cold Water Basin
F – Air Inlet Louvers
G – Redistribution Area

Counterflow water cooling tower design is the place the air stream is immediately reverse of the water circulate. Air move first enters an open space beneath the fill media and is then drawn up vertically. The cooling tower water is sprayed by means of pressurized nozzles and flows downward by the fill, opposite to the direction of the air circulate.

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