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Cooling Tower Thermal Design Manual.pdf


Cooling Tower Thermal Design Guide Dwelling Publication Mail to Us Hyperlink Sites What’s News Korean Cooling Tower Technical Site of Daeil Aqua Co., Ltd. for Cooling Tower Engineers, Operators and Purchasers [Back to List of Publication] Preface to Fifth Version Chapter 1. Psychrometrics Chapter 2. Heat & Mass Transfer Fundamentals Index of Cooling Tower Thermal Design Chapter 3. Tower Demand & Characteristic Curves Chapter 4. Cooling Tower Performance Variables Chapter 5. Consideration of By-go Wall Water Chapter 6. Strain Drops in Cooling Tower Chapter 7. Velocity Recovery at Fan Stack Chapter 8. Motor Power Sizing Chapter 9. Fan Elements Sizing Chapter 10. Air-Water Distribution System Design Chapter eleven. Recirculation of Exit Air Chapter 12. Evaporation Chapter thirteen. Estimation of Actual Chilly Water Temperature Chapter 14. Willpower of L/G Chapter 15. Evaluate of Tower Performance at Sea Stage and Altitude Chapter sixteen. Analysis of Tower Efficiency at Design Off Design Chapter 17. Plotting of Tower Efficiency Curves Chapter 18. Estimation of Air Circulate at No-Load Condition Chapter 19. Determination of Pumping Head Chapter 20. Willpower of Line Voltage Drop Chapter 21. Calculation of Tower Capability by Tower Characteristic Curve Chapter 22. Calculation of Tower Capability by Tower Performance Curve [Prime] http://myhome.hanafos.com/~criok/english/publication/thermal/thermallisteng.html10/05/2004 11:58:06 a.m., Ltd.

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