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Cooling Tower Trouble Taking pictures, DELTA COOLING TOWERS INDIA

Downside with cooling tower in any application are not only the inconvenience, but can also be contribute to lack of production.

Installation of cooling tower instruments and controls. Control Panel ...An efficient industrial process or HVAC operation relies upon upon bother free functioning of a cooling tower. By protecting a cooling tower in good working order, financial savings in time and energy will be made.

This truth sheet deals with the common cooling tower malfunctioning with possible trigger and procedures for checking and correcting attainable faults.

1. Cooling tower delivering high temperature

There will be several doable causes similar to stopping of motor, elevated water move, lowering down the air flow, standstill of rotating sprinkler/uneven water distribution, choked fills, mixing of getting into scorching water with chilly water in basin, the fan rotation in inverse course.

Re-circulation of plume might also be a probable trigger, when the new saturated air (Plume) emitted from the discharge side of a cooling tower may be partially pushed in direction of it’s inlet.

So as to repair the issue, we must always get the motor repaired or replaced. Contacts of motor should be checked before sending it for repairing.

Water movement can be regulated by adjustment of valves or rectification within the pump. Equally the airflow can be optimized by increasing the fan angles.

Uneven water distribution drawback could also be eradicated by cleaning of sprinkle head and branch pipes. Turn buckle/tension gadget ought to be tightened up for balanced rotation of sprinkler. Fills might be cleaned by suitable water therapy or may be replaced in case of deterioration.

Leakage must be rectified at mixing level of water inlet and cold water basin. Fan should rotate in clockwise direction whereas examined from arial view. This can be rectified by changing electric connection of motor/starter.

The cause of re-circulation are mainly basic geometry of cooling tower design, location of the encompassing buildings and buildings, presence of any obstruction to the air circulation upstream or downstream of the cooling tower, presence of any heat or moisture generating tools within the neighborhood of the cooling tower etc.

2. Raised motor temperature & present

Motor temperature is normally raised as a consequence of drop in voltage, extreme air circulation, imbalanced fan and touching of rotor with the stator.

Voltage downside will be checked at the provision end. Airflow can be managed by reducing fan blade angles. Fan may be despatched to our works for dynamic balancing. Likewise the motor will be checked/repaired by the user or the motor producer.

Three. Diminished Water Stream

There could also be several causes for the discount of water circulate in cooling tower, comparable to blocked/choked water distribution pipes, choked filter/strainer and inadequate pump measurement.

Sprinkler pipes/distribution pipes needs to be cleaned correctly. Equally the strainer/filter ought to even be cleaned. Pump could also be replaced as per the designed parameters.

Four. Excess water losses

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This may be caused by the quicker rotation of sprinkler, improper eliminator, broken end caps, over flowing of water from basin or increased angle of fan blades.

Rotation of sprinkler could be controlled by adjusting department pipes. FRP/PVC eliminators ought to be properly placed and fixed with the intention to cover the water distribution system. Carry over losses could be controlled by adjusting the fan to the acceptable angle. Finish caps should be replaced. Overflow drawback can be controlled by adjusting the valve.

5.Noise and vibration

Unfastened fan mountings should be properly tightened by satisfactory fasteners and torque. Fan may be despatched to us for dynamic/static balancing in case if the fan is imbalanced. Motor bearing drawback may be solved by greasing or alternative.

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