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cooling tower water treatment media

cooling tower water treatment media have cooling tower fill, pp pall ring, tower packing ball.

Plastic Tower Packing  is most suited in low pressure drop, high capacity applications, lpw mass-transfer unit height ,high flooding point ,uniform gas-liquid contact ,small specific gravity,high mass transfer efficiency and so on . 

Performance of Plastic Tower Packing :

  • Plastic Tower Packing Good Capacity and Low Pressure Drop  
  • Higher capacity and lower pressure drop than ceramic packing.
  • Multiple sizes provide ability to optimize capacity and efficiency based on application requirements. 
  •  Plastic Tower Packing Higher Liquid Hold-up and Residence Time
  • Relatively high liquid hold-up allows good absorption efficiency with slow chemical reaction.
  • Plastic Tower Packing  Versatile Standard Packing
  • Lower sensitivity to liquid and vapor distribution quality allows use with conventional liquid distributors.
  • Plastic Pall Ring High Mechanical Strength  
  • Ring and spoke construction provides high mechanical strength, which allows use in deep beds.
  • Material: polypropylene, strengthens polypropylene, strengthen nylon6, strengthen PBT




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