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Cooling Tower Water Treatment Take a look at Package TB09

PT Sedaya Mitra Sejahtera adalah Distributor/Agent di Indonesia yang menjual berbagai macam alat safety, PPE (Personal Protective Gear), HeadWare, Eye Ware, Physique Protection, Security Equipment, macam-macam Respirator, 3M Respirator/Mask,Cooling Tower Water Treatment Check Equipment, and so forth.


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Cooling Tower Water Treatment Check Equipment AR TB.09 is for Hardness, Alkalinity, Chloride and Iron testing.

Hardness Take a look at Kirt

To determine the Hardness level usingCooling Tower Water Remedy Check Package :

Take pattern water about 5 ml, put in plastic tube.

Put in 5 (one) drops of “Hardness Buffer”, then slowly stir.

Put in 1 (one) drop of “Calmagite Indicator”, then stir evenly The solution coloration will be pink violet.

Put together titration syringe, fill with Hi 3812-zero answer (EDTA Solution) till the syringe’s scale restrict = 0.

Put in answer from the syringe into the plastic tube slowly while stirring. Proceed titration till the answer shade is purple, then mix for 15 seconds. Answer colour will change to blue

Learn the quantity of solution on the titration syringe, readings from the syringe multiplied by an element of 300, result is in items of mg/l (ppm)

Alkalinity Test Kirt

To determine the Alkalinity level usingCooling Tower Water Treatment Test Kit :

Put in 1 (one) drop of Bromophenol Indicator, then stir it. If the solution shade is yellow then Alkalinity = zero.

If the answer colour is purple, proceed with titration using Hi 3811-zero (Reagent : acid answer)

Take (Hi 3811-0) reagent utilizing a syringe, until the syringe’s scale restrict = zero.

Put in the solution till titration solution turns clear.

Alkalinity outcome could be seen from reagent use contained in the syringe, then the whole use multiplied by a factor of 300, result’s in models of mg/l (ppm)

Chloride Take a look at Equipment

To find out the Chloride level usingCooling Tower Water Remedy Test Equipment :

Take cooling course of water about 5 ml, put in plastic tube.

Put in 2 (two) drops of Diphenylcarbozone Indicator, then stir it. The solution colour will likely be pink violet.

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