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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Tower Repair and Reconstruction Services - Towers Inc. - Cooling Tower ...When trying to cool one thing down, there are typically four primary ways that one may use to aid the transference of heat. They’re radiation, evaporation convection, and conduction. In cooling water remedy, we are predominantly involved with the cooling impact of evaporation.

PVC Fills, Plastic, Pvc & Pp Products Unique Cooling TowersIn our every day lives, we’re all familiar with the way in which evaporation cools. When we work up a sweat, our our bodies use this process to maintain us from heating up, and it is the evaporation of the sweat from our skin that truly removes heat, cooling our bodies down because it does. This means of cooling by evaporation is named an endothermic response.

In cooling tower water treatment, a cooling water system is designed to remove heat from processes or equipment by transferring it to water. The heat absorbed by the water must then be dissipated to permit the water to be reused. In an open, evaporative cooling water system, this occurs in the cooling tower or evaporative condenser.

A cooling tower is designed to maximise contact between air and water and, in doing so, encourage a few of the water to evaporate.

The evaporation of only a small proportion of the water cools the remainder. In truth, evaporating simply 2% of the water will achieve a 9°C temperature drop. When water is misplaced by evaporation in this manner the mineral content material of the remaining water becomes more concentrated. The higher the focus factor the less water the system makes use of as fresh make-up).

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