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Cooling Towers, Chillers And Pump Tanks

Evaporative cooling towers supply a relatively cheap solution to cool water, so long as you can use 80°F to 85°F (26.6° – 29.4°C) water to do your cooling.

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They can be used to cool the condensers on water cooled chillers, hydraulic cooling on molding machines, blow molding machines, air compressors, or any process that operates at or above 100°F (40°C).

Evaporative cooling towers are basically a large galvanized steel or fiberglass casing the place water is pumped up to the cooling tower and sprayed over a PCV wet deck, falling down to the basin the place it’s collected and drained again to the central pump set.

We offer a sequence of industrial cooling tower configurations which embody the 4900, LCPT, and 1500 collection. These cooling towers have a capability vary that starts at 25 tons and might go as high as 1000 tons.

No matter theiir configuration, evaporative cooling towers all work on the same principle:

The amount of cooling that you just get from a cooling tower depends on the relative humidity of the air and the barometric stress.

For example, assuming a 95° F (35° C) day, barometric strain of 29.Ninety two inches (sea-degree regular pressure) and 80-p.c humidity, the temperature of the water in the cooling tower will drop about 6 levels to 89°F (three.36° degrees to 31.7° C).

Other resolutions: 320 × 240 pixels ...If the humidity is 50 p.c, then the water temperature will drop perhaps 15 levels to eighty F (8.4° degrees to 26.7° C).

If the humidity is 20 %, then the water temperature will drop about 28 degrees to 67 F (15.7° to 19.4° C). Even small temperature drops can have a major impact on vitality consumption.

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