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Cooling Water System Design

FRP Cooling Tower Natural Draught NX-SERIESResearch on cooling programs so far has focussed on the person elements of cooling methods, not the system as a whole. Cooling water methods needs to be designed and operated with consideration of all of the cooling system components because of the interactions between cooling water networks and the cooling tower performance. In re-circulating cooling water methods, cooling water from the cooling tower is equipped to a network of coolers that normally has a parallel configuration. Nevertheless, re-use of cooling water between totally different cooling duties permits cooling water networks to be designed with sequence arrangements. This enables higher cooling tower performance and increased cooling tower capacity, both in the context of latest design and retrofit. A technique has been developed for the design of cooling networks to fulfill any provide circumstances for the cooling tower. A mannequin of cooling tower performance allows interactions between the efficiency of the cooling tower and the design of cooling water networks to be explored systematically. In debottlenecking conditions, better design of the cooling community using the new methodology, together with rising cooling tower blowdown, taking hot blowdown and strategic use of air coolers, can all be used to avoid funding in new cooling tower capacity and to improve the efficiency of the cooling tower in a systematic method.

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