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Cross Flow Cooling Towers

Counter-flow vs. Cross-flow Cooling Towers:Water flows by the fill media, which increases the contact floor, are as effectively as the contact time between air and water for better heat switch.

Cooling Tower Design - Cooling Tower ConstructionCross movement is a design by which the airflow is directed perpendicular to the water movement. Air enters via one or more vertical faces of the cooling tower to satisfy the fill material. Water flows (perpendicular to the air) through the fill by gravity. The air continues by the fill and thus past the water circulation into an open plenum volume. Lastly, a fan forces the moisture laden air out into the environment.

A distribution or a scorching water basin consisting of holes or nozzles in its bottom is situated near the highest of a cross stream tower. Gravity distributes the water via the nozzles uniformly throughout the fill materials.

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