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Development of inclined tube packing

The basic principle of the sedimentation of inclined tube packing is “shallow precipitation”. This concept has long been proposed and early use of the oblique tube to accelerate the blood sedimentation is reported in medical data.

In recent decades, many water supply and drainage workers in various countries have tried to explore the application of “shallow sedimentation”. Through practical and theoretical research, we have obtained the development of inclined tube packing sedimentation technology. From the data, we can see that many Precipitation of the relevant discussion, through the analysis of these data, we can see from the concept of shallow sedimentation development to multi-layer multi-grid and inclined tube packing technology process.

In 1880 there were several commercial products of gravity stratification equipment in Britain. In 1889 Von Beohtolsheim and deLaval proposed the precipitation concept of “thin layer distribution” and designed the inclined tube packing precipitation equipment.

In 1904, based on practical experience, hazon  first proposed that the sedimentation efficiency, which is dispersed in the sediment rather than the settled particles, is based on the sedimentation rate of the particles and the area of the pond, which is independent of the depth and time. Such as the ideal inclined tube filler sedimentation tank expression, you can get well known settlement efficiency relationship.
In the ideal inclined pipe packing tank, it is assumed that the horizontal velocity of each point in the pool is the same, and each particle entering the tank is at constant speed during the precipitation process, and it is considered that when the particles sink to the bottom.

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