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Dry Cooling Towers Manufacturer INDIA Dry Cooling Tower Manufacturer Dry Cooling Tower Exporters India


Dry Cooling Tower functioning together of extended sine wave finned floor heat switch coils, with axial stream followers and inflexible construction for regular operation. The hot water from any tools could be despatched to the inlet of the Dry Cooling Tower atmospheric air is the cooling media. It cools the new water and maintains the temperature of process scorching water at a selected degree. It has designed for highest ambient temperature so we could run the engine in 100% load even in peak summer. It has the fan and eectric motor to the water.

Power Generation-Steam Power - Wikiversity1.6 Energy Economy:
Our Towers are specifically designed aerodynamically for energy saving we’re present the mostat controls to modify off the fan motors in the time of cold ambient temperature.

1.7 Maintenance :
Our Dry Cooling Towers are closed circuit. So no likelihood to mix mud, fly, dwelling organisms and dirt with course of water. Air is the cooling media so there is no such thing as a corrosion downside.

2. Technical Specifications of Dry Cooling Tower / Air Cooling Tower

2.1 Designing and Materials Quality
The Dry Cooling Towers are having heat transfer area with good high quality coppers and very prime quality of aluminium fins. Copper tubes are mechanically expended with coolers, it offers easy inside tube floor so there is no such thing as a likelihood for strain drop (our Cooler are tested at 350 PSI). Coolers are favricated in heavy channels and using steel sheets. The finalized steel body provides stacking and shipping help and production against tube damaging.

2.2 Excessive efficiency of Fan and Motors:
A brand new era begin of the artwork cooling fans the vitality economic system idea. It mixture of performance energy endurance and reliability designed aerodynamically for characteristic of the fan outlet essences an optimum distribution of air across the Coolergiving an added benefit to the system followers are dynamically balanced on computerized machine. And using IP55 / TEFC normal motors.

Forms of Dry Cooling Towers:
Conserving important amount of water.
Minimizing environmental influence.
Very economical in price.

Dry cooling Functions:
Energy Plant Cooling Solution
Injection Moulding
Chemical & Oil Refineries
Plastic Extruder Plant
Steel Foundry & Forgings
Dairy & Dyeing Plants
Water Remedy Plants
Diesel / Gasoline Genset Plants

Usage :
The Air Cooling Towers / Dry Cooling Towers are very compact and aerodynamically designed for Diesel Engines and LT & HT Circuits.

Benefits of dry cooling
No water consumption and no water treatment.
No visible plume compact simplified design with better diploma of prefabrication in workshop.
Items can handle higher inlet temperatures.
Excellent corrosion safety.
A separated loop whereby the coolant shouldn’t be in touch with the environment

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