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Evaporative Cooling Of Water In A Natural Draft Cooling Tower (PDF Download Obtainable)

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IN-TA-CTAbstract:The current work deals with an experimental investigation of the thermal efficiency of a pure draft wet-type cooling tower with counter move association. The authors carry out an intensive analysis of the simultaneous heat and mass transfer phenomenon between air and water. The investigation mainly concentrates on the effect of crosswind on the thermal efficiency of the tower. Performance index parameters such as the temperature drop (Tdrop), effectiveness (e), and the tower characteristic ratio (KaV/L) are offered within the paper. Variation of the performance parameters by way of inlet water temperature, water movement fee, and wind velocity is studied in a crosswind-influenced setting. When evaluating the crosswind-influenced experimental data with that of the windless situation, it’s noticed that Tdrop and e lower by 4% and four.5%, respectively, in a crosswind setting. However, this lowering development of Tdrop and e is observed as much as the important Froude number, Fcr, followed by an rising trend. Variation of the tower characteristic ratio in the crosswind surroundings for various values of inlet water temperature can also be studied intimately. Two totally different regimes are discovered to exist as water and air move throughout the tower. Nonetheless, the capacity of cooling of higher water move charges demonstrates that regime-II is more efficient than regime-I. Furthermore, the correlative equations of different efficiency parameters are developed for each windless and crosswind conditions. Additionally, a correlation of tower characteristic ratio to completely different water–air mass circulate charges is proposed.

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