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Fill For Cooling Tower, Cooling Fill

Insitu-03 Ozone Water Treatment for Cooling Towers - EMO3

Fill is quite essential for the cooling tools. The cooling fill our cooling towers geared up with is chosen based on the following technical and economical components: the kind of the cooling tower, thermal efficiency, atmospheric circumstances, manufacturing supplies, maintenance, circulating water high quality and production cost.

Usually, the cross-move cooling tower is shorter than others and the ventilation resistance it is faced with can be small. Given this fact, we always adopt the skinny-film fill. The accessible fill we provide embody the plastic fill, fill for top temperature cooling tower, PVC cooling tower fill, PP cooling tower fill, trickle fill and fill for central air conditioning system and so forth.

Bus, Tram, Transport, City, TownAs to the counter-move cooling tower, the cycling water and air circulate in the opposite directions, resulting in a bigger ventilation resistance compared with that of others. Apart from, its air intake and dehydrator are situated at increased positions for the tower itself is taller that others. In consideration of the above factors, we frequently adopt the splash fill (packing) for the counter-move cooling tower.

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