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Forced Draft Cooling Tower (Air Conditioning) In District Centre (Janakpuri), New Delhi

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A map from 1781A cooling tower is an heat exchanger, by which heat is removed from the water by contact between the water and air. The heat switch takes place via the heat change between air and water and in addition via evaporation of a small a part of the water that’s required to be cooled. This allows to cool down to a temperature lower than the ambient (default) temperature, that is a bonus in comparison with dry coolers.

Kinds of Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers may be categorised into many varieties: based on the shape fan type, water efficiency or, quality of water cooling. The principle classification tends to be based mostly on the cooling circuit type, which determines the exact operation of the cooling tower.

Square Cooling Tower

The cost effective sibling, is the square cooling tower. That is an financial cooling tower.

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