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FRP Cooling Tower,FRP Packaged Cooling Towers,FRP Cooling Towers

US20130197266A1 Sriwijaya University PHYSICS 0812861097 - Summer 2017

Bharat Cooling Towers is likely one of the leading manufacturers of compact and space saving FRP cooling towers. In FRP (Fiber Strengthened Plastic) cooling towers, multiple fibers are joined mutually and can be found in form of mat. The mat is joined together with polyester resin, accelerator and catalyst.

Being round, the air movement by means of the towers is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and subsequently they’ve been proven to be thermodynamically the most effective design in the field. This translated straight into decreasing running prices. The towers provides PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and effectivity. The counter flow design facilitates low pump heads. The water is distributed contained in the towers over the fill area through the self rotating sprinkler so as to offer a fair distribution over the entire fill area.

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