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How Cooling Towers Work?

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Cooling towers are heat exchangers, inside of which heat is taken from the water by contact between the air and water. The transfer of heat happens by means of the heat exchange between water and air and by means of the evaporation of just a little a part of the water that needs cooling. This enable it to cool to a temperature lower than the ambient temp, which is one necessary advantage compared to dry coolers.

DOWNLOAD HI-RES / PHOTO DETAILSThough, a cooling tower is not only a chimney of smoke. The mist is regular steam with the identical composition as a cloud.
Totally different Cooling Tower Types

All cooling towers aren’t made for a similar purposes and not all cooling towers will work for every application or industrial processes. Nonetheless, this article ought to aid you perceive the assorted different types of cooling towers and what they’re used for.
Type 1. Crossflow Cooling Tower

In this cooling tower kind, water flow vertically by way of the cooling tower fill media whereas the air horizontally flows throughout the falling water. Therefore the title “crossflow”. Because of the crossing of flows negates the necessity for the air to pass through the distribution system. This allows for gravity to make the hot water movement via gravity into the distribution basins on prime of the tower straight above the fill media.
Type 2. Counterflow Cooling Towers

In the sort of cooling tower, the air flows vertically upwards, opposite/counter of the water flow in the fill media. On this cooling tower type, its not possible to use the basins gravity because of the air flowing vertically. As a substitute these kind of cooling towers use spray methods which can be pressurized to spray the water on top of the fill media. Additionally, the nozzles and pipes are unfold far apart so that they don’t limit any airflow.Sort three. Induced Draft & Compelled Draft Cooling Towers

Kind four. Pure Draft & Fan Assisted Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Kind 5. Factory Assembled Cooling Towers (FAP) Manufacturing facility Assembled Product

Subject-Erected-Towers (FEP) Field Erected Product

Polluted cooling towers soon result in diminished cooling and negatively influences the reliability of the cooling tower installation. However, this can be easily prevented by performing repeatedly scheduled preventative upkeep. This will even minimize the danger of legionella.

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