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HVAC Cooling Towers And Tower Trailer Rentals

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TEM offers an entire line of absolutely automated rental cooling towers and tower trailers. Particular person unit capacities range from 50 T (ton) to greater than 800 T (ton) at customary operating temperatures (95F Ent / 85F Lvg / 74F WB). Temporary cooling tower rentals can be furnished to operate together with plate and frame heat exchangers to simulate the efficiency of non permanent closed loop evaporative coolers.

Trailer Mounted Cooling Tower
Temporary Cooling Tower Rentals from 50 Ton to 800 Ton

Temporary cooling tower trailer rentals are pre-packaged systems that can be found for instant deployment and rapid connection to an existing business, industrial or manufacturing facility. All portable temporary cooling tower trailers include a single level energy connection including an integral fused disconnect or circuit breaker, a condenser water circulating pump and integral temperature regulated capability management (with fan variable velocity control).

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