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Induced Draft Packing Cooling Tower

Cypher CO2ling Plant converts cooling towers into vibrant gr

A. No Pollution & Scale Formation

The water/air is in a closed pipe. It won’t be polluted. So water/air won’t make scale formation in your tools. It will not hurt tools (e.g. furnace).

B. Anticorrosion & Anti-wind
All parts are hot-dip galvanizing. And we use the perfect material for pipe, shell and all parts.
Special design grille for Anti-wind
C. Indoor and Outside
The closed cooling tower can be setup indoor, close by the machine.

Technical parameters

Cooling Tower Whole circulating water


Cooling Tower Inlet water temperature


Cooling Tower Out water temperature


Wet-bulb temperature


System Design strain


Drift circulatingwater loss


Cooling towerair intake

sides(inlet aspect of the barrier-free)

Dell Vostro 220 Tower Case (N206G) w\/ 300 Watt Power Supply (N383F ...Construction and most important components

Decelerating device

Terylene fiber reinforced Neoprene belt, thermal stability, high efficiency, no extension in water, no slipping, low noise.

Electric motor

Especially designed for energy-environment friendly and low-noise cooling tower, water proof, thermal stability, excessive environment friendly and low noise.


Impeller made by FRP or aluminum alloy,with low noise, high effectivity and blade angles adjustable.

Noise absorption measure

Within the extremely-low noise cooling tower, there are shield with noise-absorbing material and noise-absorbing grilles on the air outlet of the upper shell of the tower, which decreasing the noise from fan and electric motor.Water distribution system

Stationary spraying permits equal water distribution. Low faucet reduces fault fee of the water distribution system.


Reformative S wave PVC will increase the water redistribution skill, heating performance and reduces the relative resistance. This material can stand temperature as excessive as 70°C, low as -50°C. Good performance in fire resistance

Air inlet louver

The FRP louver reduces water splashing and air resistance.

Utility Fields

Our Closed Cooling Tower are mainly used for: Our merchandise are primarily used for:

1.cooling the induction furnace of steel plant and jobbing foundries, cooling rolling machine, cooling the quenching tank, cooling the steady casting.

2.cooling the hydraulic oil, electroplating resolution, quenching oil, circulating water manufacturing line and different cooling industrial fluid.

Three.cooling the water supply heat pump system, pc room air conditioning system, auxiliary cooling system and other cooling air conditioning systems .

  • 4.cooling the air compressor water jacket, injection mold, transformers, engine water jacket and different cooling industrial amenities.
  • 5.cooling other equipments, similar to energy plants, paper mills, meals factories.

Part of the product photographs

  • 1. Materials: carbon steel, we can also produce stainless steel water cooling tower
  • 2. Design: we are able to produce the stress column in response to clients’ drawing,or design it in keeping with buyer’s request
  • 3. Specialty: Prime quality welding
  • four. Certificate: ISO ,BV,TUV,CCS,etc




(1)Your organization is a manufacture or trading company?

We are a leading cooling tower manufacturer for 38 years . It is“famous brandHeng An manufacture in China .

(2) What is the distinction between a “counter circulation” and a “cross flow” cooling tower?

The crossflow or counterflow designation characterizes the orientation of the airflow throughout the heat-switch media (fill) within the tower with respect to the course of water move.

In counterflow towers air travels vertically upwards by means of the fill and makes intimate contact with water droplets falling down by the fill media. Hence the air and water travel in opposite directions.

In crossflow cooling towers the air passes by means of the fill media in a horizontal direction, thus crossing the downward water flow. Counterflow towers are inherently more environment friendly than crossflow towers.

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