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k1 k2 k3 Kaldnes MBBR bio filter media

We offer bio filter media which is used in MBBR Process, which is one of methods used in the reduction of the nitrogen from the waste water efficiently. It mainly uses high surface area media to provide waste water treatment at a faster rate. It is backed with hi-tech aeration systems and has low energy requirement


1. All types of industrial and domestic wastewater.

2. Both organic as nitrogen removal.

3. New plants or system upgrades.

4. Limited footprint.


The specification of bio filter media

Product  Bio filter media, water treatment bio media, K1&K3 &K5 bio media, Mbbr bio media,  PE04 bio media, Bio Packing media, Plastic Packing media,PE K3 media,
Type Pe01.PE02, PE03,PE04,PE05,PE10/ 10*7mm,11*7mm,12*9mm,14*9.8mm,25*12mm.25*8mm
Application 1) Sewage treatment

2) Aquaculture farms

3) Koi Filter Media

Mainly Market United States, Germany, Australia, Spain .
Payment Terms  T/T.L/C.Western Union ,Paypal
MOQ one cubic meter


bio media MBBR


If you have any iqnuire about kaldnes bio filter media. feel free to contact me, My email: ann@longtimefrp.com



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