lamella separator

Microporous aeration tube of gas diffusion hose is the original imported materials, physical and chemical properties and stability, long life: uniform drilling, pore size uniform small, expanding out of the bubble diameter is small, gas-liquid interface area, therefore, has a high mass transfer Speed, high oxygen efficiency, so that compared with other existing aeration device can greatly reduce power consumption and reduce operating costs of sewage treatment. As the porous aeration diffuser rubber made of imported high-quality rubber, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties; fittings and air pipe is the use of ABS engineering plastics portfolio, therefore, not afraid of corrosion, reliable performance, to a large extent Reducing the operation and maintenance workload.


lamella  separator Is not blocking type, both automatic cleaning, to prevent the sewage backwash of the aeration tube. When the blower to suspend the gas supply, the film immediately shrinking closed, the sewage will not reverse osmosis in the aeration tube, when the blower re-start the film release bubbles, and because of its elasticity, and because of its elastic properties will be attached to the sludge bomb This maintenance-free feature is a unique option for activated sludge construction. To a large extent reduce the operation and maintenance workload.
QMZM series microporous aeration pipe – installation
Aeration pipe in the bottom of the installation, very easy to simple, aeration pipe installation and the ground without considering the level of relations, no matter how much error, can play a high capacity of aeration oxygen.
Use and others
1, the installation of the pipe-type aerator that is water exposure test, aeration requirements are basically uniform.
2, re-run should be open for each group of drainage valve, the use of air discharge pipe water, and then adjust the gas to the best state of aeration.
3, after the installation of the pipe-type aerator into the sewage or water must be submerged test aeration, do not exposure to sunlight, to avoid heavy objects falling into the pool damage aeration pipe.
4, the tube-type aerator should not be heavy, not stacked in the outdoors, should stay away from fire and hard objects, to avoid damage.

Membrane tube aerator

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