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M106 Crossflow Movie Fill

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M106 is a movie-kind, backside-supported cooling tower fill. Water flowing down the fill sheets types a skinny film on the surface of the sheets. This kind of fill gives way more water floor publicity per cubic foot than does splash-kind fill.

This fill presents better cooling efficiency, which interprets to colder water from present techniques with out an increase in fan horsepower. Or, this improved effectivity can be used to save horsepower and produce the identical chilly water temperature.

M-106 fill can also be available with extremely efficient drift eliminators molded right into the fill sheets. In contrast with older designs, these eliminators reduce water carryover (drift) from the tower by a factor of ten or more! Diminished drift means lower water and remedy chemical costs.

The nuisance of spotting adjacent buildings and property on account of cooling tower drift is just about eliminated. Choices embody eliminators for each vertical and horizontal discharge cooling towers. Guiding the discharge air in the right course additional increases financial savings in fan horsepower.

M-106 is thermoformed from PVC sheets with a most flame unfold score of 25 per ASTM E-eighty four. Subsequently, the risk of fireplace injury is minimal.

M106 fill is impervious to rot, corrosion, and decay. The extensive sheet spacing prevents clogging making certain minimal maintenance and long service life.

M-106 is straightforward and cheap to put in in nearly all crossflow cooling towers. It requires minimal structural modification as a result of it is bottom supported. The integral drift eliminators don’t want additional frames or retainers. M-106 supplies more cooling capacity and improved drift elimination in one simply installed pack.

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