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Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor MBBR Carrier

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12*9mm biofilm carrier 

The MBBR biofilm carrier process can be used for a variety of different applications to attain the desired results, depending on the quality of the wastewater and the discharge regulations.

moving bed biofilm reactor MBBR carrier

The application of moving bed biofilm reactor carrier

1. Sewage treatment MBBR and biological filter technology carrier:
2. Wastewater upgrade project to upgrade the standard, to mention volume
     New projects to save investment, land planning

3. Water reuse

4. Domestic wastewater reuse biological treatment of mixed drainage and biological treatment

5. River treatment denitrification, phosphorus removal, decarbonization, water purification
6. Aquaculture denitrification, decarbonization, improve the fish living environment
7. Biological deodorant biological deodorization tower packing

MBBR biofilm carrier

More dimenion: 11mm*7m, 10mm*7m,  16mm*10mm,25mm*12mm, 5mm*10mm, 15mm*15mm, 25mm*4mm

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