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Nozzle for filter Underdrain System

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Nozzle for filter underdrain system, the structure is reasonable, the connection is firm, confined high strength, gap not variant, can make the filter plate with no dead Angle, no mud, the effect is good, per hour (displacement) 0.25 tons, 0.5 tons and 1 ton. Long handle filter head, often used for soda filter backwash water distribution system; Short shank filter used in single head water backwash and gravity type, pressure type filter and ion exchange water treatment equipment such as filter bed filtration unit. Filter head cap for urban drinking water, senior industrial water purification, filtration head filter cap is high pure water, mineral water in the production of advanced purification materials, effective filter head cap COD removal from the water, pigment, fumes poison material


Nozzle for filter underdrain system material is ABS or PP

Filter nozzle with high mechanical strength, larger than the opening area, good stability in water



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