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Plate Heat Exchangers & Cooling Towers

Cooling tower blowdown vs. cycles of concentration for the example ...Heat Exchangers WA (HEWA) is one in every of Australia’s largest suppliers and repair centres for plate heat exchangers and cooling towers with a objective constructed facility in Perth, Western Australia.

Our Service Centre is staffed with experienced personnel which might be on call 24 hours a day and is equipped with a full range of amenities to chemically clean, UV crack check and refurbish any plate heat exchanger. HEWA moreover provide a variety of components, upgrades and servicing for any cooling tower. Our new product range consists of an in depth number of heat switch equipment including but not limited to; heat exchangers, cooling towers, condensers, evaporators, radiators, coolers and heat recovery economisers. HEWA provides and works with a diverse vary of industries similar to mining, mineral processing, oil & gasoline, chemical, HVAC, marine & power, defence, food & beverage and refrigeration.

Garbage, Plastic Cups, Recycling, Waste

Your requires help are what drive us, service is our ardour. We simply occur to promote nice heat exchangers!

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