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Reduce Water Usage In Your Cooling Tower Or Condenser

ICT (Induced Draft Counter circulation Cooling Tower)Round shapedor popularly known as bottle sort are designed to cool industrial re-cycled course of water from temperature of fifty degrees to temperature of four plus the prevailing Wet Bulb temperature of the region.

Free stock photo of landscape, sky, landmark, cloudsThe tower design incorporates sizzling water inlet at the underside assortment sump circulated vertically to the mechanical rotary sprinkler situated above the fill media. The inlet water pressure rotate the sprinkler, having extended arm pipes with orifices to disperse water uniformly over the fill media.

The fan instantly coupled to the motor, during operations takes away the heat by induced draft mechanism. Air is drawn from the lower air in take area & is induced to journey by way of the fill media thus taking away the latent heat from the water passing by the fill media. Portion of water evaporated, removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air is drawn via the fan deck is discharged to the environment. Cold water, collected at the gathering sump, is re-circulated to the supply.

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